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If you wish to port any of my scenery items over to any other game/simulator then please contact me for details. 

To find any of my Wotawally Scenery items in the Route Editor you should select "Wotawally - Scenery" in the Providers list

Any of these scenery items can be included in any route/scenario package - please credit me. Thankyou

WW_Buildings Pack Manual_v2

The manual contains pictures (and names) of all 100+ items in the main pack, so you can have a look at what models are included before you download the main pack. There are Domestic and Commercial buildings with a few others in Miscellaneous.

This manual is also included with the main pack and will be installed and found in the Railworks\Manuals\EN\ folder

WW_Buildings Pack_v2

Over 100 of the models that I made for EZ scenery to use in FS9 and FSX that I have imported into Train Simulator are included in this pack. They all have Winter and Night textures (although some of the night textures are not too good due to the different ways they are displayed.
They are mostly suitable for middle distance viewing rather than right next to the tracks - they are 14 years old and designed to be viewed from 1,000+ feet - but look OK from 100 feet.

They were originally made using the Abacus Flight Simulator Design Studio (FSDS) and converted via 3DCrafter using .x files when exporting from FSDS and importing to 3DCrafter.

They are completely freeware and, as long as you don't use them in commercial projects without my permission, you are free to do whatever you want with them and include the originals or any reskins in any route assets packs you create.
If you want the .igs, .x, or .mdl files then contact me:

The Manual is included in this pack and will install into the Railworks folder with the main pack.

Version 2 includes all the same models, but with all new night textures which look a lot better, and importantly cut the flickering which coulld be seen especially at dawn and dusk by more than 90% to the levels of TS default models

TS20** Executive Jets

I was asked if I could supply an executive jet for a route and with the help of a free 3D model I was able to sort out a couple of minor problems with it in 3DCrafter and then export two versions into Train Simulator with some re-skins.

The original model was made by  "3dfreegamearts" and is available from

Sports Pitch Decals

This is a collection of decals of pitches for TS201*. There is a selection of Football (soccer) pitches, Rugby Union, Hockey, Fusball(5-a-side football), Tennis Courts, and Cricket. They all come with summer and winter textures.

Sports Pitch Decals - Pack2

A few extra decals - 6 and 8 lane athletic tracks with, and without a football pitch, and a bowling green - all with summer and winter textures


This is an extra model from the collection of Assets I have converted from FSX to TS2018. It is a reskin of a church and was done in response to a request. Do whatever you want with it and include it in any assets packs you want.

15th March 2019: Missing texture now included

Click HERE to download

WW_ Fishing Boats Pack_v1

This is a pack of eighty different fishing boats based on the four versions shown in the picture.

They can be added to scenarios as well as just routes.


A collection of items for leaving on Platforms or elsewhere which can be added to either Routes or Scenarios.

You will find the items under "Clutter" in the World Editor and "Miscellaneous" in the Scenario Editor: all with a "WW_" prefix.

These items are already included in the "1960's Waterloo Suburban Lines v1.0" Assets.

WW_Churches Pack01

A comprehensive pack of Churches.

There are ten models and each model has three re-skins giving a total of THIRTY DIFFERENT CHURCHES

You will find the items under "Commercial/Industrial" in the World Editor - all with a "WW_" prefix

WW_1930's Suburban Houses-01

A selection of low-poly 1930's style Semi-detached and Terraced housing found in the London Suburbs and elsewhere


A pub, based on one in Kintore Aberdeenshire, re-skinned for use around the UK. Each has its own totally fictitious(?) name with no connection to any living or dead pub.

WW_Cottages and Shops-01

A collection of cottages and shops. They are based on stone buildings in Aberdeenshire which I then re-skinned for wider use around the UK

Pavements - Paths & Fences (plus a Pillar Box)

Lofts of Fences, Pavements and Garden Paths. Plus a lovely bright red Pillar Box just waiting to placed on a corner or outside a station  (I was unable to find a model anywhere - and yet you find them everywhere.

Garden Sheds Collection

A selection of twenty Garden Sheds to add variety and realism to lineside gardens.

There are actually only 19 sheds at the moment - I need help with a derelict shed to complete the collection (contact me if you can help)


This is a collection of people - adults and children - suitable for the 1990s onwards.
They are models that are freely available from Archive3d, Free3d, Turbosquid, 3D Warehouse, etc.
The one condition is that they may not be used in any way in any payware.

I collected them together a couple of years ago but had some problems getting them working properly in TS20** and I was also unable to make them suitable for the 1950s UK.
I was then asked recently if I could supply some people so I looked at them again, sorted out the problems and here are the first batch.


This is the second batch of people that I collected an is a companion to Pack01

WW_Cats 01

A pack of four static cats for use in Routes and Scenarios

WW_1930's Council Housing_01

This is a pack of low-poly houses based on common types of semis found in London and elsewhere. They are typical Council stock as built in the 30's and 50's.

As usual they come with winter and night textures.