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South Wales Coastal - BR_Sectors_v1.3

This route is also available from UKTS - file id: 39159

Route updated on 7th May 2020

South Wales Coastal - BR Sectors Edition

Reworking of DTG's South Wales Coastal route depicting the period of 1988 to 1992 (broadly speaking) and arguably the end of an era for rail freight across the region. This was very much the dog-end of "King Coal" as by the late-Nineties all deep mines within the South Wales Coalfield had closed bar one (Tower Colliery) and with them the yards and minerals-only lines that served them. This was also a transitory time for passenger services too with second-generation DMU's being introduced (150's, 155's, 158's) leading to the withdrawl of first-generation units (Classes 101, 116, 120, 121) by late 1992, although Arriva would later use a "Bubblecar" on the Cardiff Bay Shuttle service.

For this project I have used "British Rail Track Diagrams: 3 Western Region" published in early 1989. I have done little to lineside buildings that may not have been there in this period except for removing obviously anachronistic structures such as The Millennium Stadium, Cardiff City Stadium (Ninian Park reinstated) and Swansea's Liberty Stadium. Severn Tunnel Junction Yards closed in October 1987 and would have been undergoing recovery for months afterward but I have left the lineside largely as it is in the stock DTG route rather than try to depict a recently closed yard. A similar story with Margam Yard, although this was technically open into 1988 I have depicted it as per the 1989 track plan. I have attempted to model the former Ebbw Junction TMD as although it had closed at the end of 1983 and track largely lifted by 1985, at this time part of the site was used as a CE depot.

Bristol Parkway and Newport stations have been rebuilt to their period appearance using stock assets as I have no way of creating custom 3D models.

Bristol Bath Road TMD        Bristol Pylle Hill Motorail Terminal        Bristol East Depot expanded        Bristol Lawrence Road Sidings
Bristol Coal Concentration Depot, Filton        Filton Junction Station            Llanwern Iron Ore & Coal unloading lines           
Newport Godfrey Road stabling point        Maesglas New Sidings, Newport            Pengam FLT, Cardiff        Cardiff Riverside Parcels
Cardiff Canton Freight Sidings        Grangetown Station         Llantrisant Yard        Llanharan Opencast sidings
Margam LIP         Margam Moors Yard        Swansea Maliphant Sidings

DTG South Wales Coastal - Bristol to Swansea   
DTG Woodhead in Blue
RSDL Island Line   
Just Trains Chiltern Mainline (or any JT route with JT Common Library)
Kuju RailSimulator euro assets   
UKTS Freeware Industrial pack   
UKTS 34905 RM Vehicles Pack1   
UKTS 35005 RM Vehicles Pack3
UKTS 32889 RM Clutter        

Included in the package are assets from: HertsBob, JADsHome, Mundo & NewBouy that are available from UKTS but their documentation implies permission to include with freeware projects.

Unpack the file to a temporary location such as Desktop. Open Railworks folder and launch Utilities to install "SWC_BR_Sectors.rwp"
Also included is a backup of the original station sign textures for the route as the installation file will overwrite these so this file is just incase you wish to revert to these in future. Keep it somewhere safe.

AP Class 37 Pack 01       AP Class 150/2 Pack      AP Mk2 a/b/c Coaches Pack    AP Valenta HST EP      AP Class 50 Pack     AP Class 31 EP
DT BR Wagons Pack
DTG North Somerset route
FS VDA Wagons Pack (Marketplace)
RSC Class 56 plus AP Class 56 Enhancement pack      RSC Class 31 Pack 02       
Natty Dread Intercity Executive Reskin & BR LL reskins for Kuju Class 47 available from DP Simulation             
VP Class 117 & 118 BR Blue/Grey reskin