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ECML: Echoes of Steam  (Workshop Route)
by Mike Eades (PNB)

Additional Assets Pack for ECML: Echoes of Steam

Unpack the zip file to a suitable location. Copy and paste (or drop) the Assets folder into your "Railworks" folder. Say yes to any request to overwrite files (do not worry, any original is stored safely).

The keithmross folder contains new sets of station nameboards, totems and general signs, all based upon those used in "The Port Road"(a required DLC for this route extension), but with the colour of the NE region of BR.

To enable all the above to function, you need to run the batch file (Echoes_reskins.bat) which will now be found in the Assets folder (just double left click on it).

Remember to Clear the Cache through the Menu "Settings/Tools" in game, and all the new signs will show in the Route.