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The North Lincolnshire Route   
by John Kirk

Official website: Click HERE

This page has the latest version of the route, updates and fixes - as well as extra scenarios made for the route.

I will be happy to host any scenarios made for this route - use the "Contact" page to get details

The Main route: North Lincolnshire v04-2021

Updated Version: 10th April 2021

Because of the size of the route I (Wotawally) have decided to split the download into two parts. You need both parts for the route to run correctly. Also recommended is John Kirk's Scenario Pack 

Just click on the pictures to download, then use the Utilities Package Manager to install

The Route

The Assets

Latest News

This month I have improved the scenery to the west of Retford, plus some minor aspects of scenery at various points on the system, and continued to add signal wires and point rods (which will take some time to complete). If you downloaded last months update, I don’t think you need to download this one, unless you intend to download the scenario “09:52 Sheffield-Cleethorpes” which will malfunction on an old version of the route as I have smoothed the incline close to Thonock Sidings.

I try to produce an update at the start of each month.

John Kirk

Note: I have not updated the route on this page for several months so there will be a lot more scenery improvements than John mentions

Fix to prevent TS2020 crashing on exit

Since the update to TS2018 some files have been causing the game to crash on exiting a scenario. One such file is in the RichardMaxted folder and will affect any route that uses his Narrow Gauge assets.
I have fixed the file affected by the TS2018 update and you can

Just unzip the file and drop it into your railworks folder

Quick Drive now available for the route:   NLincs_QD_v2.rwp

These Wotawally made Quick Drives cover just about the whole area of the route. I have not included any AI or Static Consists at the moment because of the complexity of the network and I am not sure how to achieve what I ideally want.
Also, because of the number of options for different parts of the route it has been impossible to check every one. Please report any problems with pathing etc to me, and I will attempt to sort them out.

John Kirk's Official Scenario Pack for the North Lincolnshire Route


This is a large pack of scenarios by John Kirk for the current version of the route


Leicester-Skegness Summer Special

by Rudolf Hucker

Tested  with v09-2017

In high summer, on Saturdays only, an EMT HST sets off from Derby bound for the seaside town of Skegness. It is the last vestige of numerous loco-hauled services that, every summer Saturday, would bring thousands of holidaymakers from Industrial towns across the Midlands, South Yorkshire, Manchester and even a service from King's Cross then, after a swift turnaround, carry thousands back at the end of their week by the sea.

From just outside Boston you will take the train to Skegness, run around and prepare for the return working. AI traffic at Skegness is unprototypicaly light as I was unable to get it to work properly no matter
how much I fiddled.

Payware Required
BR Blue Diesel Pack 01 DLC
WCML over Shap
Class 20 DLC [Steam]   if you'd prefer the JT "Chopper", and I can understand why you may, then swap using RW Tools.

1955 Woodhall - Horncastle 10.30 Goods  

by Roland Penhall

Not yet tested on v12-2016,but shouldn't give any problems.

Required rolling stock: -


Digital Traction:        4F Loco      4MT 2-6-0 tender       

LNER Teak Coaches      Wagon Packs 1,  2, and  3 
RSC:      RobinsonO4Pack01        ThompsonB1Pack01
Mesh Tools:    UK Coal Wagon Pack      UK Van Wagon Pack
UK Mineral Wagon Pack        LMS 3F Jinty
Rail-Sim:      BR (ex-LMS) 20 Ton Brake Van.

Matrix:    Ex LNER Thompson Sub Coach set

Ex LNER Gresley Teak set

UKTS 26666 BR Ex LNWR 6W Stove BGZ V1.1(Gopher)
UKTS Freeware Pack UK Wagons #1                   UKTS Freeware Pack UK Steam V1.1

Scenarios by Colin Green (Wotawally)

(CG) 06:30 from Cleethorpes  70min

March 1963.

Drive a Class 37 Cleethorpes to Kings Cross service as far as Boston. You will need to run the loco round the train at Grimsby Town and will also be stopping at Louth, Willoughby and Firsby.

Timing is very tight, so you won't be able to hang around.

Payware required:
DT:  DT_LNER_B12    DT_LNERTwinset        DT_MK1_coaches       WagonPack3            
RSC: RobinsonO4Pack01        ThompsonB1Pack01            
RSderek: WearValleyRailway              (From Steam) 
VictoryWorks:  PeppercornK1              (From Steam)
Freeware required:
DT_LNERTwinset_NoPass    DT_Mk1_NoPass    RSderek_WearValley_No Passengers            (All included in this package)
UKTS_FP: UK Wagons#1   UK Carriages#1     Available free from:  here 

(CG) 16:57 Semi-fast to Boston    80min

You are in charge of the 16:57 Semi-fast service from Grimsby Town to Boston hauled by your B1 loco on Friday 10th September 1954.

The schedule is fairly tight so you can't afford to hang around admiring the wonderfully varied Lincolnshire countryside.
With good driving from Firsby to Boston you should be able to reach Boston 5 minutes early without exceeding the speed limits.
DT: DT_2MT_Tender_loco    DT_LNER_B12    DT_LNER_teak    DT_LNERTourist    DT\DT_LNERTwinset                                
MichaelWhiteley:     AusterityJ94    J50                                
RSC:    9FPack01    RobinsonO4Pack01    ThompsonB1Pack01          VictoryWorks:    PeppercornK1   
UKTS Freeware Pack - UK Wagons #1   Available free from:  here 
Included with this download:: DT LNER Teak Carriages - No Pass,  DT_LNERTourist Carriages - No Pass,  DT_LNERTwinset Carriages - No Pass

(CG) 08:12 to Mablethorpe     50min

A straightforward run with a 2-car Class 111 DMU from Boston to Mablethorpe on a misty September morning in 1961.       

Payware Required:

Digital Traction: DT_MK1 coaches            WagonPack3                
JustTrains: LNER_V2                                            
RSC: Class111Pack    RobinsonO4Pack01  ThompsonB1Pack01       

VictoryWorks: PeppercornK1   
Freeware Required:
UKTS Freeware Pack - UK Wagons #1   Available free from:  here   

UKTS 23227 Blood_&_Custard_MK2_Set

RSC_Class111Pack_NoPass - (included with this download)

(CG) 08:00 New Holland-Cleethorpes_v2    60min

Take the 08:00 Class 101 DMU stopping service from New Holland Pier to Cleethorpes. Passenger services are based on the 1962 timetable, freight services are fictional.
Payware Required

Digital Traction:  DT_4MT_loco       DT_MK1_coaches   

RSC:  8FPack01      Class111Pack    RobinsonO4Pack01        ThompsonB1Pack01
Freeware Required:
UKTS 25928

UKTS Freeware Packs:  UK Steam #1       UK Wagons #1 Available both free from: :here  

(CG) 06:30 Grimsby Town - Kings Cross_v2    60min

Take your Deltic loco from Immingham Loco depot to Grimsby Town where you collect your coaches and take them as far as Firsby. Passenger services are loosely based on the 1962 timetable, freight services are fictional.

Payware Required:
Digital Traction:    DT_MK1_coaches               
RSC:    Class02Pack01    BritishRailClass101       Class31Pack01    Class33Pack01     Class37Pack01         DieselShunterPack

Freeware Required:

UKTS 25928

Wotawally:  Reskins of the Kuju Class 55 Deltic    Available from here
UKTS Freeware Packs:       UK Wagons #1          UK Classic Diesel and Electric #1         Both available free from:  here  

(CG) 1st train to Immingham_v2          30min

You take the early morning Class 111 DMU service from New Holland town to Immingham Dock. Keep to the timetable.

Payware required: (from Steam)
MichaelWhiteley:    AusterityJ94           
RSC:  Class111Pack                HLSaddlePack01
Freeware required:
UKTS 25928
ike j15     UKTS: 30495   
ike K4      UKTS: 32701    

(CG) 18:35 Cleethorpes-Manchester_v2       60min

New Version: Tested with v04-2017
Take your loco from Grimsby to Cleethorpes where you collect your coaches and take them as far as Barnetby. Passenger services are based on the 1962 timetable, freight services are fictional.
Payware Required:

Digital Traction:          DT_4MT_loco        DT_MK1_coaches 

RSC:        8FPack01             Class111Pack        RobinsonO4Pack01      ThompsonB1Pack01
Freeware Required:

UKTS 25928

UKTS Freeware Packs:  UK Steam #1, UK Wagons #1       Available free from: here  

(CG) 14:42 Cleethorpe-Sheffield_v2    50min

New Version: Tested with v04-2017
The 14:42 passenger service from Cleethorpes to Sheffield in July 1957.  After turning the loco and forming your train you will take the service as far as Barnetby.
Payware required:
Digital Traction:      DT_2MT_Tender_loco          DT_3F_loco   DT_4MT_loco        DT_LNER_B12       DT_MK1_coaches                       RSC: RobinsonO4Pack01        ThompsonB1Pack01    V2Pack01         VictoryWorks: PeppercornK1   
Freeware required:
UKTS Freepacks:   UK Steam #1    UK Wagons #1   Both here: here
(CG) First of the day: Doncaster-Cleethorpes_v042017    55min

New Version: Tested with v04-2017
An early morning 4MT hauled Passenger/Goods service from Doncaster to Cleethorpes set in 1962. The service is taken from the 1962 timetable, but I had to alter the times due to long (10min+) stops at stations.
Payware required:
Digital Traction: DT_4MT_loco   
DT_LNER_B12   WagonPack3
Rail-Sim: BR_Brake_Vans            
RSC: RobinsonO4Pack01        ThompsonB1Pack01
VictoryWorks: PeppercornK1

Freeware required:
ike j15   UKTS: 30495       
ike K4    UKTS: 32701
UKTS Freeware Packs: UK Wagons#1      UK Steam#1         UK Carriages#1      Available free from HERE 
(CG) Coal to Lysaghts    35min

New Version: Tested with v04-2017
Take your J50 and collect the coal wagons left by the 9f on a siding and transport them to Lysaghts Works.
This scenario is completly ficticious - I have no idea how coal was delivered to Lysaghts, or what else went on in the area.
Payware:     all from Steam      
MichaelWhiteley:    J50                
RSC:   9FPack01        RobinsonO4Pack01    ThompsonB1Pack01
VictoryWorks:    PeppercornK1   
UKTS_FP UK Wagons #1    UK Steam V1.1 - both from  here