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December 9th: John Griffith (JetGriff) has released a brand new version of Bromsgrove, Manchester, Sheffield - a route that combines and updates                                      several of his older routes. Get it now. Get it HERE
December 1st: Another update to North Lincolnshire - more scenery and updated scenarios is now available - HERE

October 17th: A collection of 20 (minus 1) Garden Sheds to populate all the lineside gardens. Download from HERE
October 6th:  The latest version of North Lincolnshire - with improved scenery is ready for download HERE

August 29th:  Pavements, paths and fences - with a red Pillar Box thrown in. Get them HERE
August 6th:   The latest stage of the BR Blue "South Lancs - North Cheshire" route by Andy and Nick has been updated to v4.2. Get it HERE

Railworks64 Icon_v2

Click on picture to download the icon

If you want a different icon for TS64 but don't have the ability, time, or just can't be bothered: then this may be the answer until DTG make one.

JJust copy the icon to your Railworks folder.
Right-Click on your current shortcut and select "Properties"
Select "Change Icon"
Browse to the "Railworks64.ico"
Select it
                                                                                    Select "Apply"

DTG have been made aware that they should have made a separate icon for 64-bit and are "looking into it"

Featured Downloads

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New Version: 8th December 2020

Updated on 17th January 2020

By Paul Williams

Updated 7th May 2020

By Nick Hudson & Andy Freeman

Updated 6th August 2020

By Trevor Wood

Released: August 2019

North Wales Coast & The Conwy Valley Branch - BR Blue Period
By Andy Freeman, Xavier Guerra & Nick Hudson

New extended version - released 12th March 2019

by Nick Hudson & Andy Freeman

New extended version - released 12th March 2019

Steaming over Beattock - Phase 2
by John Rutherford & Nick Hudson
Released: 17th August 2017

Old News
July 3rd:  I have released 3 new packs of buildings for route makers: Pubs, Cottages and Shops, and 1930's Suburban houses: - HERE

June 7th: The latest stage of the BR Blue "South Lancs - North Cheshire" route by Andy and Nick is now available HERE

May 14th: A new updated version of North Lincolnshire Route by John Kirk has been released. Available HERE
May 7th:  Paul Williams has updated his SWC - BR Sectors route to v1.3. Get it HERE

Apr 22nd:  Class 37 Reskins of the RSC\PDL loco are available now. Made by Paul Williams they can be found HERE

Jan 17th: Wotawally's Buildings Pack updated with all new night textures giving vastly improved look. Available HERE
Jan 1st: Happy New Year and welcome to the North Lincolnshire Route - v1-2020. Available HERE now.

Nov 15th: A new route by Paul Williams: South Wales Coastal - BR Sectors has been released - available HERE  

Sep 13th:  An Update/Patch South Lancashire and North Cheshire - BR Blue V.3.0 has been released - get it HERE
Sep 10th:  Two more brand new scenarios released for Waterloo Suburban Lines have been released - HERE
Sep 8th:  Two brand new scenarios released for Waterloo Suburban Lines have been released - HERE
Sep 2nd:  A patch to fix some scenarios and QDs on Waterloo Suburban has been released: HERE

Aug 31st:  South Lancashire and North Cheshire - BR Blue V.3.0 by Andy Freeman & Nick Hudson. The new enlarged version is now   ready for download - HERE
Aug 27th:  Churches - 30 of them to add variety to routes. Get them HERE
Aug 22nd:  To add to the possibilities of the 4-CIG reskin I have made a Class 422Pack01 4-BIG reskin to compliment it. HERE
Aug 20th:  Reskins of the RSC Class421Pack01 4-CIG to BR Green of the 50s/60s released - Available HERE
Aug 15th: Trevor Wood has issued a Scenario Patch for the Waterloo scenarios - download it HERE
Aug 15th: Scenery Items - a collection of luggage and other items noiw available HERE
Aug 10th:  Waterloo Suburban Lines by Trevor Wood released and is available HERE
Mar 21st: Patches to fix problems with the NWC_BR Blue Routes have been released - HERE
Mar 12th: Extended versions of both of the North Wales Coast - BR Blue routes have been released. Available HERE
Mar 11th: Two tutorials by Nick Hudson for route builders regarding Lofts are available on the Utilities & Tutorial page HERE

Feb 27th: I have released a pack of fishing boats for use in routes and/or scenarios. They are available HERE

Jan15th: North Lincs Route update to v01-2019 has arrived. Get it HERE
Jan 8th: Victory Works_GWRPannierTanks A38 - No Passengers added HERE
Jan 6th: A little utility for Route Builders, Editors and Testers - "MilkBottleReplacement" making missing items easy to spot. Get it HERE

March 22nd: I am slowly putting the site together and finalising design.
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