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October 17th: A collection of 20 (minus 1) Garden Sheds to populate all the lineside gardens. Download from HERE
October 6th:  The latest version of North Lincolnshire - with improved scenery is ready for download HERE

August 29th:  Pavements, paths and fences - with a red Pillar Box thrown in. Get them HERE
August 6th:   The latest stage of the BR Blue "South Lancs - North Cheshire" route by Andy and Nick has been updated to v4.2. Get it HERE

Railworks64 Icon_v2

Click on picture to download the icon

If you want a different icon for TS64 but don't have the ability, time, or just can't be bothered: then this may be the answer until DTG make one.

JJust copy the icon to your Railworks folder.
Right-Click on your current shortcut and select "Properties"
Select "Change Icon"
Browse to the "Railworks64.ico"
Select it
                                                                                    Select "Apply"

DTG have been made aware that they should have made a separate icon for 64-bit and are "looking into it"

Featured Downloads

Click on the the title to go to the file

Updated on 17th January 2020

By Paul Williams

Updated 7th May 2020

By Nick Hudson & Andy Freeman

Updated 6th August 2020

By Trevor Wood

Released: August 2019

North Wales Coast & The Conwy Valley Branch - BR Blue Period
By Andy Freeman, Xavier Guerra & Nick Hudson

New extended version - released 12th March 2019

by Nick Hudson & Andy Freeman

New extended version - released 12th March 2019

Steaming over Beattock - Phase 2
by John Rutherford & Nick Hudson
Released: 17th August 2017

Old News
July 3rd:  I have released 3 new packs of buildings for route makers: Pubs, Cottages and Shops, and 1930's Suburban houses: - HERE

June 7th: The latest stage of the BR Blue "South Lancs - North Cheshire" route by Andy and Nick is now available HERE

May 14th: A new updated version of North Lincolnshire Route by John Kirk has been released. Available HERE
May 7th:  Paul Williams has updated his SWC - BR Sectors route to v1.3. Get it HERE

Apr 22nd:  Class 37 Reskins of the RSC\PDL loco are available now. Made by Paul Williams they can be found HERE

Jan 17th: Wotawally's Buildings Pack updated with all new night textures giving vastly improved look. Available HERE
Jan 1st: Happy New Year and welcome to the North Lincolnshire Route - v1-2020. Available HERE now.

Nov 15th: A new route by Paul Williams: South Wales Coastal - BR Sectors has been released - available HERE  

Sep 13th:  An Update/Patch South Lancashire and North Cheshire - BR Blue V.3.0 has been released - get it HERE
Sep 10th:  Two more brand new scenarios released for Waterloo Suburban Lines have been released - HERE
Sep 8th:  Two brand new scenarios released for Waterloo Suburban Lines have been released - HERE
Sep 2nd:  A patch to fix some scenarios and QDs on Waterloo Suburban has been released: HERE

Aug 31st:  South Lancashire and North Cheshire - BR Blue V.3.0 by Andy Freeman & Nick Hudson. The new enlarged version is now   ready for download - HERE
Aug 27th:  Churches - 30 of them to add variety to routes. Get them HERE
Aug 22nd:  To add to the possibilities of the 4-CIG reskin I have made a Class 422Pack01 4-BIG reskin to compliment it. HERE
Aug 20th:  Reskins of the RSC Class421Pack01 4-CIG to BR Green of the 50s/60s released - Available HERE
Aug 15th: Trevor Wood has issued a Scenario Patch for the Waterloo scenarios - download it HERE
Aug 15th: Scenery Items - a collection of luggage and other items noiw available HERE
Aug 10th:  Waterloo Suburban Lines by Trevor Wood released and is available HERE
Mar 21st: Patches to fix problems with the NWC_BR Blue Routes have been released - HERE
Mar 12th: Extended versions of both of the North Wales Coast - BR Blue routes have been released. Available HERE
Mar 11th: Two tutorials by Nick Hudson for route builders regarding Lofts are available on the Utilities & Tutorial page HERE

Feb 27th: I have released a pack of fishing boats for use in routes and/or scenarios. They are available HERE

Jan15th: North Lincs Route update to v01-2019 has arrived. Get it HERE
Jan 8th: Victory Works_GWRPannierTanks A38 - No Passengers added HERE
Jan 6th: A little utility for Route Builders, Editors and Testers - "MilkBottleReplacement" making missing items easy to spot. Get it HERE

March 22nd: I am slowly putting the site together and finalising design.
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