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This page contains the latest versions of all the "jetgriff" (John Griffiths) routes

If you make any scenarios for these routes and would like me to host them then please use the contact page HERE to get details.

All the UKTS_Freeware Packs are are available from HERE

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Notice about unavailable UKTS items
Some items required for these routes have been removed from UKTS including UKTS_31336, UKTS_31406, UKTS_31410, UKTS_31481
These, and others can now be downloaded from:

Birmingham 2010 v7.1

Birmingham 2010 7.1 basically the same as 7 but I have doubled the Redditch Branch as has been done last year

UKTS freeware packs:-
Block-Lofts-bridges    Clutter      Railway Buildings

Stock etc required for Birmingham 2010 v7.1
UK Carriages     UK Classic Diesel and Electric     UK wagons
UK DMUs-EMUs-Trams     UK Modern Diesel and Electric    UK Steam

UKTS_24252_A3 BR 60093 Coronach      UKTS_18795 B17 CofL
UKTS_18449 Jinty    UKTS_21716_Railworks_XC_HST
UKTS_23774_Canal_Lock_Gates      UKTS_23157_MJA_Wagon_Pack
UKTS_26272 Churches      UKTS_20521 King loco
UKTS_20328 Panier Tank      UKTS_29840 MB Actros Lorries
UKTS_27710 GWR Signals (need these semaphores now I added GWR Tyseley)    UKTS_26958 Kirkby Stephen      UKTS_23174 Footbridge kit
UKTS_19373_Class 166 repaint London Midland      UKTS_22681 Electric class 86        UKTS_22612 Electric loco class 86
UKTS_30377 DPSimulation - Route Building Pack 01 - V2        UKTS_30819 Civil Engineering            UKTS_31336 Containers
UKTS_31339 Vending Machines      UKTS_31406 Toilets        UKTS_31410 Trollies        UKTS_31481 Diarama4

Go for great freeware, to get the East Midlands HST you need to register but as I say great stuff and Free!"

Chinley v3          UPDATED:  11th July 2017

This can be installed over v2 but some scenarios would need tweaking as some markers changed..

Done my best with freeware available, Manchester Midland a bit disappointing but... if you have the Payware with it swop it over.
This version goes from Manchester Midland and London Road Stations (London Road just started) and goes as far as Great Longstone on the Derby line and Sheffield Midland Station plus Buxton. There is also the line to Chesterfield started as well (Coal to Manchester scenario). It has 4 x 2½ mile tunnels and the 3½ mile Totley tunnel. It's all mostly on grades so braking becomes as much a skill as driving particularly on the loose coupled loaded stone trains.
if doing a scenario with trains to Derby check " Timetable view" the route through Peak Forest... some trains get put through yard, I have added a route marker "Peak Forest sta up main" this will route them ok.
Also use the "Manchester out" markers just outside the station to get the correct route or you will be put round the moon and back.
The signalman at Chinley North Jct is prone to route trains in various ways that may delay your progress, I have tried to instuct him..
You need the Freeware packs and also (run it through RW Tools, now freeware to see what you need)

Asset files from, and with permission :  with many thanks:    Sly   -   Yelland  -  Joe Whitaker   -   Peter Ellis  - Mundo

As usual all items are free ware so motive power is limited. I tested just about everything but as usual with TS things change as often as the weather.

Full list of assets required is in the Readme


I always wanted to bring old branch lines terminus's back to life when I saw them in "Steam Days" so decided to recreate them without having to spend a year doing the whole route.
We will call the Fairford Branch etc a "Routesario", because its a route and scenarios in one. Albeit only a couple of miles long.

All the points are hand operated so you need to set roads to get signals in most cases.... If the signals croak out as they are unpredictable... use your sense to proceed..
Shunting.. at Fairford leave train on arrival... turn and service loco.. run round train and then pick up brake van, put this on empty arrival.. shunt yards and put out wagons on brake van.. put new wagons in yard, back onto train and right away.
Freeware Required 
Some gwr wagons:
UKTS_20307_GWR_20T_Brake_Van_(Toad)      UKTS_18833        UKTS_20328 GWR 94xx        UKTS_20478 Clutter 1        UKTS_20637 Clutter 2
:UKTS_20689 GWR 45xx      UKTS_21715 GWR Collet      UKTS_27710 GWR Signals        UKTS_20328 Panier Tank    UKTS_22970 Toad repaints
UKTS_30377 DPSimulation - Route Building Pack 01 - V2      UKTS_27235_GWR_Clerestory__Corridor_Stock
UKTS Freeware packs
Block-Lofts-bridges    Clutter    Commercial    Housing      Industrial    Railway Buildings      UK Carriages

John Griffiths

Llanberis v2

Llanberis Lake Railway and Snowdon Mountain Railway

If you like the little narrow guage lines in Wales this is a good starter.

2 for one.... The Lanberis Lake Railway and just over the road the Snowdon Mountain Railway.
There is a video on youtube on how to get your train down from the top of Mt Snowdon in 1 piece!.

Freeware files needed

UKTS_18519 Narrow gauge track    UKTS_18520 Corris Loco 2   UKTS_18522 Talyllyn Coaches      UKTS_18549 2'3" open wagons
UKTS_18594 Corris Loco 1      UKTS_18740 Corris Brakevan    UKTS_18794 Ruggas pack1      UKTS_19012 Ffestiniog coach
UKTS_19011 Track       UKTS_19643 Dolgoch        UKTS_24246 BDHR    UKTS_24247 BDHR        UKTS_25302 Talylln      UKTS_29333 DHR repaint     UKTS_29336 DHR repaint        UKTS_29488 Quarry Hunslets

John Griffiths

Portsmouth, Hayling, Chichester v1

Hayling Island Route / Portsmouth / Chichester / Hayling
This is a pretty basic route but it free and good fun.

My old Hayling Island route I did for Rail Simulator, its modernised a bit and a third rail added.
This was one of my first routes.. no DEM files were used so is mostly flat earth.
I did a fresh clean install of RS on my spare computer to make sure this route loads ok...

Telegraph pole string and Slant Rail Fence included thanks to Sly -
drop the Procedural folder into your
Railworks\Assets\Kuju\RailSimulator\scenery\     folder and Delete your Blueprints.pak file from Railworks\Assets\Kuju\RailSimulator folder
Freeware Required:
UKTS_25628   2 Hap      UKTS_29327   Brighton Belle    UKTS_18708   Hymek      UKTS_28110   Maunsell U      UKTS_27193  U tender fix
UKTS_27182  Maunsel U      UKTS_18918   Fighter Pilot      UKTS_ 18448  Ivatt 2-6-2T        UKTS_17795   SR concrete hut      UKTS_18195  signs
UKTS_18196  signs     UKTS_18229  platform     UKTS_18278  fence     UKTS_ 18335 platform      UKTS_18623  wagons    UKTS_18448 Ivatt 2-6-2T

John Griffiths

Settle_Carlisle v7

Settle & Carlisle 1950/60's

Everyone knows the Settle and Carlisle!

Freeware required
UKTS packs:-    Block-Lofts-bridges        Clutter      Commercial
Housing    Industrial    Railway Buildings      UK Carriages
UK Classic Diesel and Electric       UK DMUs-EMUs-Trams
UK Modern Diesel and Electric     UK Steam       UK wagons
UKTS_24252_A3 BR 60093 Coronach      UKTS_18449 Jinty
UKTS_27710 GWR Signals        UKTS_26272 Churches     UKTS_26958 Kirkby Stephen

Asset files from, and with permission: with many thanks:    Longbow      Yelland    Joe Whitaker      Peter Ellis
Special thanks to Pat Dalton whose research and files were freely given to enable the route to be constructed.


Sherman Hill

Sherman Hill Grade Summit to Buford just a very short run 4.5 miles, but enjoyable.

Just another moment of madness on my part, this lot took 12 hours.

You must have installed Ron Pertuit's original model (see RSATLANT.ZIP

John Griffiths

South Devon Banks v2017

I have redone my SDB route with modifies track at Dawlish and Exeter.

Great Western Railway or British Railway Days.

One of my first routes so do not expect the quality of scenery as modern routes but has the ability to play on low performance PC's.
Lot of stuff (Assets) are old so be best to run through RW Tools to see if you have the files...
Slant rail fence and telegraph pole string included with permission of Sly, (Victory Works) many thanks.

Freeware Packs required:
Block-Lofts-bridges      Clutter    Commercial    Housing     Industrial     Railway Buildings    UK Carriages     UK Classic Diesel and Electric
UK DMUs-EMUs-Trams      UK Modern Diesel and Electric      UK Steam      UK wagons

UKTS_18449 Jinty      UKTS_18833      UKTS_18918 34055 Fighter Pilot BR v1.2       UKTS_20328 GWR 94xx      UKTS_20478 Clutter 1
UKTS_20637 Clutter 2      UKTS_20689 GWR 45xx      UKTS_21715 GWR Collet      UKTS_27021 GWR Dumbleton Hall     UKTS_27588 BR Kings
UKTS_27022 GWR Kinlet Hall      UKTS_27710 GWR Signals      UKTS_23774_Canal_Lock_Gates    UKTS_26272 Churches      UKTS_20521 King loco   UKTS_20328 Panier Tank      UKTS_29840 MB Actros Lorries      UKTS_30377 DPSimulation - Route Building Pack 01 - V2
UKTS_30819 Civil Engineering      UKTS_31339 Vending Machines    UKTS_31406 Toilets      UKTS_31410 Trollies      UKTS_31481 Diarama4

Go  to:  for great freeware. To get the East Midlands HST you need to register but as I say great stuff and Free!
Sly's Telegraph pole string is gone so if you have not got it... no poles, see if you can beg it from someone.
GWR wagons -  go to: